inSTABil -the film is a 30min long movie, trying to bring a circus production into a digital format. The concept of the film is to keep the basic narrative and dramaturgy of the stage play but use the digital format to enhance details what you would never see as a live audience.

The sound / music was specially composed and recorded for the video by Paul Scheer. He created a unique audio atmosphere very fitting to the visual material.

If you want to see „inSTABil -the film“ please write us a message or watch it on the streaming plattform hosted by IG FREIE THEATERARBEIT / ACT OUT. click here.

If you want to find out more about the stage play „inSTABil -a virtuoso production about balance, togetherness and lots of staffs“ click here.


Produced by: Company FENFIRE (, Concept: Christiane Hapt & Sebastian Berger, Artistic Advise: Tania Skhirdladze, Video: Christian Schratt, Video Assistence: Severin Jauker, Lights, Technical Support: Markus Liszt, Edited by: Christiane Hapt, Sound -Composition, Play: Paul Scheer, Sound -Recording, Postproduction: Gabriel Lafranco, Supported by: Cie Intensegrety, Sandkasten Syndikat, Erstes Wiener Thrombosenorchester, The Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria.