´xxxx NEW DATES FOR OUR LATEST PRODUCTION: inSTABil xxx PREMIERE 10., 11., 12. & 14. August 2021 : Aspern Seestadt "Fabrik" xxx 8. & 9. September 2021 : Kristallwerk Graz xxx 17. September 2021 : Festival Cirque Neubruck NÖ xxx


ABOUT THE PIECE: DOT AND LINE is a contemporary circus piece in a playful search of the dynamic point. Referring to the graphic dogma of Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky „A line is a dot on a walk“ the artist Sebastian Berger is examining how this two fellows dot and line are behaving in space. Using manly object manipulation this piece transforms a fine art […]


ABOUT THE PIECE: The good old stability…a desirable status for land, human, objects and relationships. You would think that. But does not live the challenge and thrill in the opposite? And what does the german word for staff („Stab“) in stability? The both artists are going on a balancing act of unpredictability and explore these with experimental and exquisite object manipulation.   photos: Rüdiger Breitbach […]


ABOUT THE ACT: In this 8 min groundbreaking act, Sebastian Berger shows a manipulation technique that he developed the last 9 years. All this surprising, never-seen-before-movements are served with pointed sarcasm. In this act Sebastian as „Professor“, is pushing the limits of juggling while also maintaining a high level of entertainment value.   Professor`s „THINGS“ won the Gold Medal of the International Juggling Association Competion […]

„…a congenial flow of object and body movements.“

-Eveline Koberg, tanz.at, 02.11.2017-


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„We bring passionately great pictures & thought provoking content on stage – served with high skilled object manipulation & nifty stage designs.“


FENFIRE, founded in 2004, consists of two core members, Christiane Hapt and Sebastian Berger. They work in the experimental trans-disciplinary field of juggling and object manipulation. Sebastian developed most of the common repertoire of their respective masteries.


FENFIRE works worldwide in the fields of corporate productions, theatre and street theatre, festivals, traditional and contemporary circus, they are also a board member of the Austrian Federal Association for Circus Pedagogy. Consisting both product designers and circus artists, FENFIRE tries to unite sculptural and dramatic arts in their productions in order to show their audience the verve of object manipulation.

2016 FENFIRE made its first steps in contemporary circus field. Their first full-length show TRUST IN TIME.INC had its successful premier at Stadttheater Wiener Neustadt in October 2017. The second contemporary circus production DOT AND LINE, is shortlisted on the circusnext platform 2020/21.

FENFIRE has performed in 39 countries and 4 continents so far.

„visual stunning object manipulation which thrills the audience“

-Christoph Dostal, Wiener Neustadt TV, 02.10.2017-





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