In this 8 min groundbreaking act, Sebastian Berger shows a manipulation technique that he developed the last 9 years. All this surprising, never-seen-before-movements are served with pointed sarcasm. In this act Sebastian as „Professor“, is pushing the limits of juggling while also maintaining a high level of entertainment value.

Professor`s „THINGS“ won the Gold Medal of the International Juggling Association CompetionIRC Europe 2019 in Newark, GB. And confirmed the show as a high quality juggling routine that features strong technique, creativity and high level of presentation and professionalism.

photos: Rüdiger Breitbach, Anthony Carroll

„You nailed it!!!“ Wes Peden

Enjoy our trailer:


Production: Cultural Association FENFIRE   –   Artist on Stage: Sebastian Berger   –   Outside Eye: Lukas Wiesner, Christiane Hapt   –    Stagedesign: Michael Liszt  –    Sound: Tassilo Kaiser