The good old stability…a desirable status for land, human, objects and relationships. You would think that. But does not live the challenge and thrill in the opposite? And what does the german expression for staff („Stab“) in the word stability? The both artists are going on a balancing act of unpredictability and explore these with experimental and exquisite object manipulation. A virtuoso and playful piece about balance, togetherness, and a lot of staffs. (50 min)

photos: Rüdiger Breitbach




Produced by: Cultural Association FENFIRE, Concept & Artists: Christiane Hapt & Sebastian Berger, Outside Eye: Lukas Wiesner, Coaching: Sonja Apfler, Stage and Object Design: Michael Liszt, Sebastian Berger, Ewald Hapt, LightDesign: Andreas Zemann

The project is funded by The Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria, Cultural Department of Vienna. Sponsored by Zirkusakademie Wien, Sirene Operntheater, Flowmotion Studios.