In 17th / 18th Century the precision of the gears of a clock was considered the perfect metaphor of national order. Criticised by Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times (1936), the clockwork man is considered the bedrock of a stable society and the working world. Today a flaunted lack of time / constant activity is emblematic of high achievers. The piece relates to the defined daily dose of work time and life time. Are they really as separate as we assume?

The three international artists paraphrase this issue with their own imaginative language of object manipulation. Together with dramaturg Asli Kislal a unique world is created, in which the treasured possession of time is celebrated and questioned. But do you have time for that?

With artistic skill and impressive stage design the performers tell the story of daily life, which in it`s complexity is threatening to eat them up. (60 min)

photos: Markus Moosmann, Robert Haab


Production: Cultural Association FENFIRE   –   Artists on Stage: Sebastian Berger, Christiane Hapt, Michael Caden Pike   –   Dramaturgy: Asli Kislal   –   Stagedesign: Michael Liszt 


„Visual stunning object manipulation, which thrills the audience!“ Christoph Dostal

TRUST IN TIME had its premier on 7.October 2017 in Wiener Neustadt Stadttheater (AT).

The project is funded by The Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria, Cultural Department of the 21.District / Vienna, as Cultural Department 9 of the State Government Styria. We joined an Artist in Residency program “Freudenhaus” in Lustenau (AUT).