IT`S ABOUT TIME is a mixture of high-quality object manipulation and visually appealing images: a tribute to the wonders of the 19th century. The show takes up the theme of the monotony of work, which becomes a fascination when the workers act as a common whole, completing each other… as long as the machine is running. The trend of SteamPunk serves as a stylistic device for the production. The self-luminous machine stage set lends the overall production a noteworthy grandeur.

photos: Pia Hapt


Production: Cultural Association FENFIRE   –   Artist on Stage: Christiane Hapt, Sebastian Berger    –    Stagedesign: Sebastian Berger, Christiane Hapt, Michael Liszt   –   Sound: Alexander Wengler   –   Licht: Martin Eigenstetter   –   Special Thanks to KAOS Zirkushalle