The project IS IT A TRICK? is an immersive evening long stage production that is settled in the genres contemporary circus and installation.

In the center of the project is the empirical examination of the predominant viewing conditions of circus reception according to aesthetic, sociocultural and communicative aspects of viewing. The performance is set in an open stage situation without a preset auditorium. Within this area two key points are of special interest: the line of view on the one hand and the isolation of single components of a movement repertoire on the other hand. The focus of the artist is not directly on the object but is being directed via mirrors and shadows.

The artist (Sebastian Berger) developed some of the shown technic by himself and is the the only performer worldwide showing it on stage. In IS IT A TRICK he questions, deconstructs and rearrange his artistic language.

  • 2020 Shortlist circus next country committee (DE, AT, CH)
  • 2020 Residency circus re:search Zürich
  • 2020 Residency Festival on the edge-La Manege, WUK Vienna
  • 2021 Residency Festival cirqu‘Aarau, Museum Aarau;
  • 2021 Residency Zirkuszeit, Vienna
  • 2021 Residency Katapult, Berlin
  • 2022 Residency La Maison des Jonglages, Paris
  • 2022 Residency Bears in the Park, Vienna

Premiere: 3.November 2022 Kristallwerk Graz (AT), has been shown so far at „on the edge – festival for experimental circus art“ Vienna (AT), and at „Galerie Kraft.Haus, Dornbirn (AT).

More dates in 2023 coming up soon.




  • Production: Cie FENFIRE
  • Author, Performance: Sebastian Berger
  • Artistic director: Christiane Hapt
  • Outside Eye: Otmar Wagner, Sophie Eidenberger, Benjamin Richter, Van- Kim Tran, Romain Marguaritte
  • Exhibits: Sebastian Berger, Christiane Hapt, Romain Marguaritte
  • Photo: Romain Marguaritte, Nicholas Aubry
  • Video: Christian Schratt

Special Thanks: Roman Müller, Philippe Riera

Financially supported by:
BMKÖS: Austrian federal ministry of culture MA7: Vienna municipal department of culture