DOT AND LINE is a contemporary circus piece in a playful search of the dynamic point.

Referring to the graphic dogma of Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky „A line is a dot on a walk“ the artist Sebastia

n Berger is examining how this two fellows dot and line are behaving in space. Using manly object manipulation this piece transforms a fine art theory based on 2dimensional into depicting art moving in 3dimensional space.

DOT AND LINE is on the shortlist of circusnext featured productions 2020/21.



photos: Christiane Hapt, Rüdiger Breitbach


„The high level of performance, the tension of body and mind are so dense and compelling that the room falls breathtakingly silent (…) an aesthetically impressive choreography.“ Dita Rude,



19.09.2019 Atoll Festival, Tollhaus Karlsruhe / Deutschland

15.06.2019 – Theaterland Steiermark, ARTigKLASSISCH & LA NOTTE / Steiermark

29.05.2019 Freudenhaus Lustenau / Vorarlberg

28.04.2019 – Dali Flow Festival / Dali -China

20.04.2019 – Orsay Space / Dali -China

14.12.2018 Arbeitsplatz Wien 

8.12.2018 Winterfest Salzburg

26.11. – 28.11.2018Theaterbrett Wien – (circus double : a shared evening with „Fallhöhe“ a circus piece by KreativKultur)

10.11.2018Urhof 20 Niederösterreich – (Kaskade20 contemporary circus festival)

22.10. – 24.10.2018Kristallwerk Graz – (circus double : a shared evening with „Fallhöhe“ a circus piece by KreativKultur)



Production: Cultural Association FENFIRE   –   Artist on Stage: Sebastian Berger   –   Outside Eye: Romain Marguaritte   –   Coaching: Georg Sosani   –   Mentoring: Christiane Hapt   –    Stagedesign: Michael Liszt   –    Lights: Andreas Zemann 



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The project is by The Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria, Cultural Department of the 21.District / Vienna, and Zirkushalle Dornbirn. Artist in Residence: Zirkushalle Dornbirn (AT), Annonay (FR).