ITS ABOUT TIME is a contemporary circus piece using mainly object manipulation. It is funded by Zirkusakademie Wien (2016) and the The Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria (2016 + 2017).



The piece deals with the individual perception of time. Artists have a great power to influence the audience’s experience of time on the stage, from the stopping of time in a moment of tension to the elasticity of time when you are enjoying yourself.

In 17th and 18th Century the precision of the gears of a clock was considered the perfect metaphor of national order. Criticized by Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times (1936), the clockwork man is considered the bedrock of a stable society and the working world. Today a flaunted lack of time / constant activity is emblematic of high achievers. The modern means of communication for constant availability and non-stop activity; today make the watch a superfluous vehicle of temporal coordination. The audience is to be made critically aware of how prevalent the lack of time is, in our society.




Here some insights in the 20min work in progress showing december 2016:

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TEAM 2016:

Production: Cultural Association FENFIRE

Artists on Stage: Sebastian Berger, Christiane Hapt, Michael Liszt, Michael Caden Pike

Dramaturgy: Asli Kislal

Outside Eye: Kari Rakkola

Lights: Sabine Maringer

Artist in Residence Programm: Urhof 20